The Roots of Violence – – – -Just Released 12/5/2023!

“The Roots of Violence” is a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate factors underlying violence in society, seeking to uncover its causes and propose avenues for transformative change. Through a multidimensional analysis, this book examines the interconnected web of poverty, systemic injustice, and societal complexities that contribute to the perpetuation of violence.

Drawing upon real-life stories, research, and expert insights, “The Roots of Violence” delves into the lives of individuals impacted by violence, presenting a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. From marginalized communities to individuals affected by trauma, the book sheds light on the deeply rooted issues that pave the way for violence to take hold.

Throughout its pages, readers are introduced to a compelling cast of characters whose lives intertwine amidst the shadow of violence. From Sheila, an investment banker driven by a personal connection to the issue, to Jonathan, a lawyer seeking justice for his brother, and Mary, a passionate activist striving for systemic change, these characters illuminate the complex dynamics at play.

As the narrative unfolds, “The Roots of Violence” uncovers the profound influence of socioeconomic disparities, limited access to resources, and the devastating consequences of discrimination and marginalization. It explores the cyclical nature of violence and offers a poignant examination of its far-reaching impact on individuals, families, and communities.

This book goes beyond the surface level of violence, delving into the psychological and sociological factors that perpetuate it. It examines the role of power dynamics, the normalization of aggression, and the intergenerational transmission of violence, while also addressing the intersectionality of factors such as gender, race, and class.

“The Roots of Violence” is not content with merely analyzing the problem; it is a call to action. Through its pages, readers are presented with a comprehensive framework for change, exploring strategies that tackle the root causes of violence. From the need for systemic reforms and community-based interventions to the importance of education, empowerment, and healing, the book offers a roadmap towards a more peaceful and equitable society.

This timely and essential work challenges readers to confront their own biases and assumptions, encouraging a deeper understanding of the complex realities that perpetuate violence. It serves as a rallying cry for individuals, communities, and policymakers alike, urging them to address the multifaceted factors that contribute to violence and to actively engage in the pursuit of a safer, more compassionate world.

“The Roots of Violence” is a clarion call for empathy, understanding, and proactive change. It invites readers to explore the depths of violence’s origins, while fostering a collective responsibility to uproot its causes and cultivate a future where compassion, justice, and peace prevail.

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“The Core by Gloria Foster tells the intriguing story of Angela, her mother Miss Charlotte, and her daughter Allie. When Angela’s life becomes endangered, she takes Allie to Miss Charlotte to keep them both safe. When Allie grows up, she also struggles with turmoil and has to find out about her family history, discovering hidden secrets that hold more questions than answers. Allie’s friends – Sheila, Valencia, and Mary – are concerned about Allie. Sheila has a nightmare about Allie. When Sheila goes to visit Allie, she discovers that Allie is indeed going through a traumatic ordeal. Things go from bad to worse for all the women – could it be that there are sinister forces at play that influence the fates of these women and their families?

The Core is a real page-turner, a quick and easy read filled with twists and turns. The characters have interesting personalities and are so well described that they seem to come alive on the pages. The concept is original and unusual. I especially enjoyed the bit of magic added to the story. The scenes, events, and places are vividly explained, making it easy for the reader to create a mental picture. The author captures all the emotions and thoughts that the characters go through and how they do what they must in order to survive our chaotic world. I appreciated the background provided on the previous book as well as the large font and line spacing for easy reading. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable novel that I would recommend to anyone.” – Readers’ Favorite

About The Core novel

Allie, Mary, Valencia, and Sheila were pretty occupied with their lives. They were working, partying, and moving on, drama-free. Everything seemed to be going linear. At least that’s what they thought. And for a while, it was even true.

From then on, everything good about their lives collapsed. From losing a husband to uncovering family secrets, everything circling in these ladies’ lives seems to have a story of complex emotions and magic—a story falling into place one by one. But this is just the beginning.

Will these ladies, once again, be defeated at the hands of fate? Or maybe this time, it’s war.


A Fiction Novel with Suspense, Mystery and Twists

Revealing suspense and mystery, The Mind novel is one of the first fiction books of a series. The main character, Sheila Leclaire, has it all. She is well accomplished with several close friends. Although one of her friends lives close by, most are living a distance from Sheila and across the United States. She became reacquainted with her girlfriends from high school, and she keeps in touch.

Sheila’s life in Sommerville, Virginia takes a turn when she becomes haunted by voices, which are chilling, to say the least. While taking a glimpse into her character, we see that Sheila leads a normal ordinary life as an investment banker. But, there is much more to her past which gives cause to her struggle with the voices.

Certainly, the brightest victories often lie in the darkest places. For instance, luckily, with the help of a longstanding friend, Sheila overcomes the struggle to find the root of her illness, and she becomes well with her friend’s guidance.

In attempting to think back to her childhood, Sheila’s memory failed her. But, her past was remarkable because it holds astounding truths. Those truths, which shocked her during the retelling, will similarly shock the reader and enlighten about the reason for her condition.

The Mind audio book is available at chirpbooks.


The Mind Review by Kalyan Panja of BookMarkks

The following is a review for The Mind novel that I received in August 2021 from Kalyan Panja of BookMarkks:

Today I bring you my impressions of The Mind, a novel by Gloria Foster, a game of mirrors where everything can be real or illusory at the same time. For me it has been my first approach with this author and I have had a great time reading this book. It is true that when I got this novel, I was expecting something else, but the path it has taken me has pleased me and above all, it has surprised me.

We are going to attend a reading that is not at a frenetic pace, but it is not necessary, since the author combines a plot that puzzles and that you want to know more about. The plot has an atmosphere that will make us relive the childhood of Sheila Leclaire, an investment banker who lives in Sommerville, Virginia.

Haunted by voices of events that occurred in her childhood, we find Sheila is a tenacious and we could even say obsessive woman. In Sheila’s story real things are mixed, dreams, and a lot of imagination. The same author gives us the key.

The book is seasoned with an evening dose of social denunciation (no more concrete so as not to spoil, but if you have read it you will understand me perfectly) and takes place in Sommerville, which becomes a silent character.

Throughout the novel we will gradually discover the world of Sheila, all the people around her, who were not many, and how each one of them seems to tell something. And it is that the author knows how to attract attention and that you devour the story.

The plot will catch you from those first moments in which we will meet Sheila, and we will not be able to stop reading, because you think that you are going to read a couple of chapters turn into 14, since you are hopelessly trapped in that plot that Gloria has created trying to find the meaning of everything that happens.

Together with Sheila we will get to know other characters who, although they do not have a leading role, contribute important things to the story. Above all, they help us understand Sheila’s personality.

From the first moment we enter a plot that takes us from one event to another. Gloria Foster gets us to devour the book, because you will want to know what is behind Sheila’s past. Through chapters titled with simple language and constant dialogues we find out about her life.

This is, broadly speaking, the premise of a novel that articulates its plot in a total of fourteen short chapters. Many of these short chapters’ end with such an unknown. In this it seems to me that this author is one of the best. And be careful, as I said, the ending is quite coherent, that is to say that it is not that complicated to find out.

Starting from these premises, the novel continues in a tight way. The writer is very skilled in gradually revealing the details that allow the reader to delve into the enigma. There is no blood, there are no serial killers and there are no monsters. Yet, the sense of unease immediately grips the reader.

The Mind has a story that hooks, not only because of the plot but also because of the way it is told, very well defined by its author that it makes it easy for you to read it. And in this book in particular it is the ravines and labyrinths of the human mind, its unpredictability, that generate in the reader the sense of estrangement.

We are constantly on the borderline that separates the rational from the irrational, sanity from madness, the most reassuring explanation from the most fearful one. Perhaps what has convinced me the most about the novel is how it is narrated.

The use of an omniscient narrator has made me distance myself a bit from the characters and see everything as a spectator. The characters, barely have outlined the lines that surround them, but in this case it is not necessary to create tension, because with the brief brushstrokes offered by each of them is enough for us to have an idea of the role they are going to play.

Of course, we must recognize that The Mind, does not have a frenetic rhythm, but does manage to keep the reader continue reading one more chapter. Drawn with a prose without frills and an agile narrative, whose tension is correctly dosed, Gloria Foster has concocted a misty story.

The plot leads us to think of a simple story, but as we move forward the doubt is forged, creating an ambiguous residue. It does not let you take anything for granted, small drops that make you believe that there is much more, the author’s pen. It is simply intriguing and easy to follow but we are not talking about a light reading.