A Fiction Novel with Suspense, Mystery and Twists

Revealing suspense and mystery, The Mind novel is one the first fiction books of a series. The main character, Sheila Leclaire, has it all. She is well accomplished with several close friends. Although one of her friends lives close by, most are living a distance from Sheila and across the United States. She became re-acquainted with her girlfriends from high school, and she keeps in touch.

Sheila’s life in Sommerville, Virginia takes a turn when she becomes haunted by voices, which are chilling to say the least. While taking a glimpse into her character, we see that Sheila leads a normal ordinary life as an investment banker. But, there is much more to her past which gives cause to her struggle with the voices.

Certainly, the brightest victories often lie in the darkest places. For instance, luckily, with the help of a longstanding friend, Sheila overcomes the struggle to find the root of her illness, and she becomes well with her friend’s guidance.

In attempting to think back to her childhood, Sheila’s memory failed her. But, her past was remarkable because it holds astounding truths. Those truths, which shocked her during the retelling, will similarly shock the reader and enlighten about the reason for her condition.

The Mind Sequel

This first novel is one of a series of fiction books, and it sets forth the life of Sheila Leclaire. The Mind has suspense, mystery and twists. That is to say, it is truly the basis of what to expect with the next novel.

Therefore, make sure you are ready to delve deeper into the characters of The Mind and read the first of the fiction books in the series filled with suspense, mystery and twists. As a result, you will have the background information for the second book. Further, it will also be filled with more suspense, mystery and twists.

mind fiction novel suspense


“In her energetic series opener, Foster certainly delivers an intriguing premise and addresses timely and important issues.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A debut novel analyzes how the mind processes childhood trauma and examines its effects.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A psychological tale with a messy plot.” — Kirkus Reviews