• The Core

    Allie, Mary, Valencia, and Sheila were pretty occupied with their lives. They were working, partying, and moving on, drama-free. Everything seemed to be going linear. At least that's what they thought. And for a while, it was even true. One night, Sheila has a very vivid dream about Allie. Not knowing who to talk to, she ends up telling Valencia, just for the sake of feeling lighter. But things took a different turn. Because little did she know, bad dreams sometimes come to reality. From then on, everything good about their lives collapsed. From losing a husband to uncovering family secrets, everything circling in these ladies' lives seems to have a story of complex emotions and magic-a story falling into place one by one. But this is just the beginning. Will these ladies, once again, be defeated at the hands of fate? Or maybe this time, it's war.


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