The following is a recent review of The Mind by Kalyan Panja of Bookmarkks.

The Mind, does not have a frenetic rhythm, but does manage to keep the reader continue reading one more chapter. Drawn with a prose without frills and an agile narrative, whose tension is correctly dosed, Gloria Foster has concocted a misty story.

The plot leads us to think of a simple story, but as we move forward the doubt is forged, creating an ambiguous residue. It does not let you take anything for granted, small drops that make you believe that there is much more, the author’s pen. It is simply intriguing and easy to follow but we are not talking about a light reading.

The book is characterized by being a dense reading, the kind that must be read calmly because it gives us almost invisible brushstrokes but that leave their mark. The story delves into the labyrinthine human psyche and its infinite meanders until it reaches an outcome that is far from being decisive.

Let everything sink in our mind, let it pierce us to explode at any moment. The Mind is a book with an even rhythm and an ending that leaves some unknowns undiscovered, to the reader’s imagination.

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