My Journey to Write

As an author of two books, I am taking a look back on my journey with writing a fiction novel and poetry. I have written two books with the first entitled The Mind that is a fiction novel. I also compiled Freedom, a book of poetry. An ode in the Freedom book relates to the freedom from slavery of African Americans here in the United States.

My journey with writing a fiction novel and poetry and becoming an author began with a longstanding history of writing poetry. When I think of who inspired me, I absolutely have to mention Phyllis Wheatley. For instance, at an early age, I got familiar with her at an early age by gaining insight from her poetry. There is deep meaning in her poetry. That enlightened me. In addition, with both of us being black, this similarity made her writing interesting.

At an elementary school event, I dressed like Phyllis Wheatley since she was an easy choice with all the inspiration she had given me. Wearing a white apron and contrasting dark purple dress, I got in line with my fourth grade classmates. We were all dressed as our favorite historical figures and on our way to celebrate the United States Bicentennial in 1976. What a joyful day it was because we were imitating the giants of the past though we were only in fourth grade.

More Poets on the Journey to Write a Fiction Novel and Poetry

Next, I was on a quest to read more poetry because I understood the poetry. I discovered books which compiled works of poets, for instance, Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson and Maya Angelou and many more. That exhilarated me. In addition to Phyllis Wheatley, Maya Angelou definitely influenced me as a writer of poetry and through her eloquent speech. As well as with great significance, she spoke poetically. I find that these poets from the past have provided an example of excellence. Their art has provided a basis which to compare, when we recognize high artistic quality.